The Perfect Hospitality Companion

Technology, it's what's on the menu

eTouchMenu is a powerful tool that brings dining to a new era in hospitality service by engaging guests, increasing revenue, improving operations and providing advanced payment security.

In today's rapidly changing hospitality environment, are you leveraging technology to expand your service model and create opportunities to increase revenue?



Increase Revenue

Are you looking for ways to increase revenue?

Digital menus drive appetites and sales by reliably increasing the size of the average check. Tablets at the table eliminate the wait for a menu and offer immediate and easy ordering. eTouchMenu screens are a constant temptation. The digital technology brings your guest's meal to life with beautiful, eye popping, mouth-watering digital imagery that delivers unprecedented, high quality food and beverage images that tempt and delight. Your establishment has the ability to offer promotions and specials that encourage impulse purchases. Guest pay on demand resulting in faster table turns.

Reports and analytics give you deep insight into how your guests navigate the menu positioning for ideal menu layout, design and item preference.




Enhance Guest Satisfaction

Is your establishment providing the greatest guest experience possible?

Your patrons order and pay their bill when it's convenient for them, hail their server who is carrying a pager, sort and filter menu selections based on their preferences, read the menu in their native language or play games while they wait for their food. Guests today want to control their dining experience, and interactive tabletop menus give guests that degree of control, while building their engagement with your brand. The guest receives order accuracy, highly personalized service paired with dependability and speed.

eTouchMenu digital menus give the dining experience a novel and modern flair. Digital menus can utilize quick customer surveys and offer loyalty programs to ensure guests leave satisfied every time.

The National Restaurant Associations 2015 Restaurant Industry Forecast reports that consumers say technology is important to them when choosing a restaurant. Among those consumers:
• 45 percent said it made dining out more fun
• 35 percent said it made them choose one restaurant over another
• 34 percent said it made them dine out or order takeout more often

Simply put, technology is becoming an expectation rather than a novelty.




Improve Service Efficiencies

What impact would improving your operational model have on your bottom line?

A digital menu provides the flexibility to update your best sellers on a daily basis: seasonal and limited time dishes, the newest appetizer, your signature steak, your most popular umbrella drink, and a divinely decadent dessert. Showcasing your most popular and higher margin food and beverage items is an operational nightmare in a paper-based restaurant. Digital menus allow you to entice and promote items when they are most likely to order, prompting more impulsive purchases. As the guest now enters their order, servers have less “running” to do and are more efficient.

eTouchMenu digital menus can be set to offer automatic day parting. Chef specials, seasonal items, promotions and limited time offers can be changed in real time. Menu items can be added or 86’d at the establishment location. Paper menus don’t have the ability to match the efficiencies a digital eTouchMenu does.

Integration of eTouchMenu can easily be done with POS, survey and loyalty programs, hotel back office and casino players cards.

“Ordering/paying technology scored significantly higher than traditional methods in the eight measurements in this study that included accuracy, control of pacing, convenience, efficiency, experience quality, future spending intentions, privacy, and satisfaction with the payment method…”

Cornell University Hospitality Report 2014




Advanced Payment Security

Are you confident your guest data is safe?

As of October 1, 2015, the shift in liability for fraudulent transactions falls on you, the merchant. eTouchMenu digital menus are EMV (chip and pin) compliant. No guest data is stored in the device. It is tokenized and sent directly to the POS system. The credit card never leaves the guest’s hands, creating greater reassurance for your guest that their information is safe, protected and constantly in their control.




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